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Beautiful white teeth need good support from healthy gums and bones. The hygienist is there to ensure that your gums stay as healthy as possible, not just by removing all unhealthy deposits of plaque and calculus but by ensuring that you are able to look after your teeth well between visits.

Depending on your needs you will either see the hygeinist 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. We believe that it is important to build a relationship with your hygienist and will try to ensure that you see the same one every time.

Many dental practices don't have hygienists and have to refer. We have three! That means that you can get all your dental needs out of the way in one visit saving you lots of time!): See the hygienist straight after the dentist.

If you have any questions about seeing the hygienist call us on 020 7405 1012 and one of our reception staff will be happy to help.