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Did you know that the vast majority of dental patients have anxiety?

This can be very mild or related to a specific aspect of dentistry, or so severe that you can't even walk past a dental practice without setting off your anxiety. Wherever you fall on this scale the friendly team at Leather Lane can help. We never want to let your anxiety stop you from achieving and maintaining your oral health and there are many ways we can help you achieve this.

Our experienced, friendly dentists will only talk and examine you at your first appointment unless there is something more you would like done. They will also talk to you about your anxiety in detail. If there is something you don't particularly like then come in and have a chat to us as there may be a different way of approaching it or avoiding it altogether.

While modern dentistry is not painful we do have further options for our most anxious patients. You may not be suitable for all options and your dentist will let you know the most appropriate method for you.


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