Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

A tooth has three layers:

- Enamel (outside)

- Dentine (under enamel) and

- Pulp where the live tissue and nerve are.

If the pulp space is exposed to the outside, the tissue becomes contaminated and eventually infected. This can be through trauma or decay.

Root canal treatment is the process of going inside the pulp space and removing the infected dead tissue. The space is then disinfected and sealed with special materials.

Nowadays, root canal treatments are performed with advanced techniques and materials, making them far more comfortable and faster.

After root canal treatment is complete, your restorative dentist will usually place a crown on your tooth to safeguard against fracture.


Emergency Appointment

Most patients requiring root canal treatment attend with pain. If you decide to save the tooth the first appointment is the remove the nerve of the tooth, relieving the pain.


Once you are out of pain you can reassess the situation and decide what to do with the troublesome tooth going forward. You may be referred onto our root canal specialist, Michele.

1st Stage

The root canal system of the tooth is prepared for the root canal visit. This is important and time consuming, but not painful. Root canal success depends on getting a good seal back to the tooth.

2nd Stage

Here the root canal filling is placed, and a temporary filling placed in the tooth. This appointment is often undertaken at the same time as the 1st stage.


We normally monitor the tooth for a period of three months to ensure that the treatment has been sucessful.

Final Treatment

Once we know the treatment has been sucessful, we can restore the tooth. This may be a crown, filling or bridge.

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